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wedding styling

every wedding has a different story to tell

Your wedding's your day! And both of you deserve to share your love story with people that matter.
We're here to help you conceptualise, and do the nitty gritty stuff like sourcing, planning, painting, building,
and putting storyboards and designs into craftwork and action.

There are so many ideas to be explored,
and so many details of your relationship that deserve to be celebrated!
So the creativity starts with you, we're just here to help in any way you would want us to.
How much does it cost?
Basic Planning & Conceptualising Price AUD$250
+ Services (sourcing of items, elf-work behind executing the wedding decor)
+ Purchases if any (decor items, stationery, door gifts, signage, rentals etc.)
= Total Cost
Our prices are specific to your needs (oh yes, we understand weddings and budgets).
And if you purchase any of our other wedding services (photography/film/stationery/photobooth backdrops/decor rentals),
we are able to quote you a better price package, because we are so very grateful for your support!
So do drop us a mail to share your story, and for a better idea of how your wedding can be styled.

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