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xhundredfold is Open!

xhundredfold is live!

The core of what we want to achieve with xhundredfold, is in our tag line: Multiply Your Giving, and we created the #buildabag set as a means of carrying this out. Every purchase made in the xhundredfold store makes a contribution to the building of full #buildabag sets, which we will then donate to children and teenagers in need. We believe that no child or teenager is less important than another, and so through this project we hope to be able to provide those in less fortunate circumstances with the tools and necessities for school life. Check out our website here for more information on the series and how we give.

7 FOR 7!

As a part of our launch, we will be offering all shoppers 7% off their total cart for 7 days! This special discount ends on Monday, 9 May 2016, so place your orders quick! Check out our Instagram page for the promo code to be entitled to this fantastic offer.

We hope that you will find something you like, and join us in our cause! If you haven't done so already, follow us on Instagram at @xhundredfold and on Facebook at "Shop xhundredfold". We would love to keep sharing updates with you on our products and the charity work that we hope to do through xhundredfold.

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