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"Where Ends Meet" | Short Film

I am sure that many of us have at least once stood at the foot of a mountain, peering up at it’s dizzying heights. Most of the time, we aren’t even able to see the peak of a mountain from the ground below. And sometimes, that’s exactly how it feels like to be thinking about our hopes and dreams. They may look impossible to achieve, or just out of reach. But as we continue to keep believing and working hard towards what we love, we may often find ourselves living out our dreams without even realising it. That to me, was how “Where Ends Meet” happened: at the intersection of passion and opportunity.

We had a tiny, but amazing cast and crew of 10 people in total for this production. As a small crew of 7, we found ourselves taking on multiple roles. But despite the large amount of work to be done, everyone was so committed and gave their best. I was especially proud of our actors, who were phenomenal on screen and in their attitudes off screen as well, despite not having professional training.

Alex, Played by Andrew Cha

Alex, played by Andrew Cha

Victoria, played by Linda Lam

Ian, played by Joel Tan

Beth, played by Natalie Lim

Alex and Victoria are childhood lovers, and it seems like nothing can ever separate them. But as the film progresses we see that even their relationship is tested in the face of misplaced priorities and expectations. Beth and Ian, on the other hand, represent young, budding love. They are friends in University, and it is obvious that Ian in interested in Beth. But no relationship is without its challenges, as they struggle with difficult decisions about their future.

Whether you can personally relate to these stories or not, we hope that this film will touch your heart as you watch it. This film to us is not only about the challenges of love and relationships, but also about the hope that you can always cling onto because of the existence of a higher form of love.

Catch the film here:

This film was produced for Hope Church Brisbane, and was first screened at the Easter event “Why Love Matters”.

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