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Weddings: Celebrating Lyle + Bonnie

It is always a privilege to be able to film a couple’s Wedding Day, and Lyle & Bonnie’s wedding was definitely one to remember with lots of fun, laughter and celebration.

Lyle & Bonnie’s wedding took place in what we think is one of the prettiest wedding destinations within Brisbane, Old Petrie Town. The little town gives off a charming rustic, country vibe which suits the overall theme of the wedding. They held their ceremony in a small chapel, celebrating the occasion with just family and close friends. Lyle & Bonnie have known each other for a long time; it made us feel warm and fuzzy hearing stories across the evening of how they grew up together as friends, to eventually become lovers.

One thing that stood at this wedding was the love of family and friends that was so evident in their lives. As they celebrated the beautiful day, the couples’ boisterous loved ones were always there, cheering them on with big smiles and warm hearts. It made the whole filming process extra enjoyable.

Cheers to Lyle & Bonnie, we wish you all the best in your marriage journey with lots of love!


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