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Mini Series: CNY Nostalgia | Pineapple Tarts

Hello there!

Our entire team is taking a break at the moment. We're all back home with our respective families this year for the Lunar New Year (more popularly known by us as Chinese New Year - CNY for short). It has been years for Jared and Shuan since the last time they’ve celebrated CNY back home instead of Brisbane. Guess that's how it goes for us who live away from our families.

Every year it feels different; the festivity of it all, the loud splashes of colours, new year songs on replay in malls, large and elaborate decortions to welcome the new zodiac year, the smell of fresh oven basked goodies (let's stop calorie counting here shall we), the rustling, bustling excitement-filled air. Different families celebrate their new year differently. But the traditions are kept the same year after year for my family. Preparing an assortment of new year goodies in pretty display platters, getting mandarins ready to be exchanged at every house we visit, the variety of Nyonya dishes for potluck dinner that needs no additional explanation of how a Peranakan family very much embraces food in their culture.

It might not be a big season to some, but my parents value the season heaps because it represents a lot of values we hold as Chinese - respect, filial piety and family. This year would be a first for me; celebrating it away from my folks in Singapore, instead I'll be joining J's family in Malaysia as a Missus. It's all familiar yet foreign to me.

In light of the season, here’s a mini series to celebrate CNY nostalgia!

Looks like someone wants some pineapple tarts too.

Countdown: 4 more days to CNY

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