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Travelogue: South NZ | Lake Tekapo on Film

It has been years since I last travelled to New Zealand, sounds funny considering how we're currently located in the country right above it.

The last I went I was around 6, and all I remember was the long car journeys with my dad driving, mom navigating (of sorts), sister sleeping, and a vague memory of me puking hahaha, imagine the fuss (I had serious motion sickness issues when I was younger). I also recall a Maori song we learnt in school, and singing it when we were at Rotorua, though back then, no one could actually trust or verify that I was singing an accurate piece.

Year ends are always busy periods for us; us trying to sort out our goals and targets for the following year, catching up with family and friends. J and I decided to join our friends for this trip quite suddenly, but I'm so glad we did.

Lugging a camera around might not sound very ideal when travelling, especially when you're going to places that spur you to dig through piles of clothes on sale; somehow I always end up with a major tension at my neck and shoulder after trips like that. But for this trip, I decided to shoot fully through a film camera. On one hand, no post-editing was done (which is usually why I never end up posting any of our travel shots), on the other, it was a fully exciting wait in wonder of how the shots would turn out.

And here goes - DAY 1: LAKE TEKAPO

Minolta SRT-101 | Tudor XLX 200 (Expired) + Kodak Color Plus 200


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