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Friday - Workday

Well hello there! Yikes, I'm terrible at keeping up to date with things. Like literally; I have baskets of washed laundry to keep, another basket of laundry to wash, I've yet to unpack from our travels, yet to update my iPhone apps, yet to update my mac apps, yet to read whatsapps. Enough said. Haha, sorry, it's legit that I'm a sloth (no shame in coming clean with who I am. *please still be my friend*) Anyhow, what I meant to say is sorry we have not been updating as regularly as I had hoped we would when we started this segment. Today's Friday, it's the start to our work-weekend I suppose. Weekends are our work days. And on weekdays, we have our regular 9-5 work days too.

Here's some updates I'd like to share - Shaun has officially gone full-time with our company! Woohoo! Whilst Jared & I are still working weekdays, I'll be joining Shaun in less than a month. I'm superbly excited, at the same time super nervous about this big decision to move full-time into this. For those who do not know, onemustardseed used to consist of a team that held their own day jobs, but worked after-hours, spamming rest days, weekends, weekday evenings to work on building this company up, because back in the day, we could not afford not to in order to sustain ourselves financially. We've been so blessed this whole way through really. One step closer to this dream.

Today was a rare occassion where all three of us were working in our mini home-office-studio-space. Sneaks at our space -

Credit for the postcard goes to one of my favourite artists - Jenny Meilihove. Love her stuff. Inspires me all the time. And you'd realise boy work spaces are so different from girl work spaces. Boys in general are more.... techy. Like wires wires wires, razor mouse (to game more than for work really). But SOY WHAT (geddit). Heh.

We're currently working on our big new thing that's coming up. Do anticipate it.

I even got a new palette beause things are going to get real :)

Have a great weekend folks, have fun whilst you're at it.

Love, a.


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