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managing director


webpage warrior

music man

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founder & creative director



happy handicrafter

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finance director



competent egg-shaker

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communications manager


key writer

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social media manager


film-maker/graphic designer

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graphic designer

hipster illustrator


humble beginnings ▲re not to be forgotten.

No seed flourishes overnight, but sowing just one seed, starts the beautiful beginning of a forest.

onemustardseed started as a dream;

a little girl had a dream, of setting up her own shop to make and sell things she drew, made, and created. She loved making things for others during Christmas. It was her dream to provide an avenue to create special hand-made gifts, for people to give to people. Afterall, Christmas is about the spirit of giving.


For years it was  nothing more than a dream, because she had no confidence she could achieve anything out of it. Whilst it had seemingly faded into the shadows of dust, God had His own plans for the dream.


He brought together like-minded dreamers; dreamers who were passionate about blessing others with what had first given unto them. Dreamers who were inspired and created by His creativity. And from there, one mustard seed was sown, and the cultivation of this new life started.


We are more than excited to have different people come on board our ship towards adventure.


"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there'." - Matthew 17:20


♥ the onemustardseed folk

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humble beginnings ▲re not to be forgotten.

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